Award-winning advertising audio production with state of the art studios in Toronto and Vancouver with a diverse team of unrivaled creative directors, composers, engineers, and sound designers. We execute on every facet of audio, including original composition, music licensing, sound design, radio, voice casting, voice direction, and sonic branding constantly in pursuit of audio excellence.

Long story short, we love all things audio. We love casting characters. Directing dialogues. Underscoring scenes. Composing themes. And creating sounds we couldn’t spell if our lives depended on it. We love every decibel of detail. When it all comes together, you’ll know it when you hear it.

A dedicated team of game-loving musicians, sound designers, audio programmers and directors. Vapor Game Audio offers a complete suite of services, to catapult and elevate your game audio from level one, all the way to the final boss.

Vapor Music Group’s in-house record label. A hub for great ideas, artists, and projects. Partnered with Cadence Music Group, and Fontana North Distribution to expose our artists, and clients, to an array of creative opportunities.

We are a studio with state of the art locations in Toronto and Vancouver. We cover every facet of audio including original composition, music licensing, sound design, voice casting, voice direction, audio branding and extended realities.